How to Create Additional Memory Storage To Xbox One Using External Drive

I think by now you have made a right choice after we talked about Major Reasons to Buy Xbox Live Gold & Reasons Not To.That's one of the best method which you as a gamer needed to have as an experience or much more.Am not surprise that your New Xbox finally get to it end storage and being a human we need something to be done either by buying a new Xbox with a hug storage or what else will be your alternative if your Xbox One compacted with all your intent

Following our previous logs,we are leaving a new tip/tricks on how you can make Xbox One to more storage space but this time we are making use of the external drive.Yeah let's talk about that with external drive which all know as hard drive as well.External drive is one the second way which we use in backing up files and more and this time if you enjoy dealing with a very large Xbox game that means you need it for good.

Xbox One Using External Drive

So for those interesting games that comes with very rage of GB this post will definitely give you some idea of how you can cop with your Xbox One Using External Drive in question.Just like i discussed with you all on one of the last post about Xbox Gold,there's some benefits about the Xbox Gold and i have enlist those full benefits in that post but let me still brief it once one if already you missed it.

Get Xbox Game with $ 9.99 and stand a chance of enjoying about hundred fantastic and premiere digital games.meanwhile,so that one the advantages about the Xbox game on a Gold.Getting those Game will still cost you some storage space and that's why am writing this post just to guide though many have been using the same tips.

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A post online has made me to known that if you already have Xbox one with an OS at least the one of the least OS as windows 10,you are good to go and never think of getting the Xbox Expansion drive on Amazon.So that why am suggesting the external drive for to use of just as your Storage.

In Suggestion about about how you can set it up,i will not only recommend you to use a USB drive with 3.0 if possible 4. and the external drive you have should be around 250-500 and more.Please note that, and follow up the process because some external drive might stop responding if the drive is not compatible.

How To Create Space/Add External Drive To Xbox One 

Let start buy making the same method by your computer to transfer file.Now,you have the above drive capacity which i mentioned above run or start the Xbox one and after that plug in the USB drive have and wait for the system to recognize it by leave a pop up in the screen interface.As usual we need to select how the will be use as for example,Application and games may be for Video and Music files.You know what you are using it for and that for game right,that means you have to choose the option Format Storage device.

Just like when you are formatting SD CARD with your computer,it will prompt dialog where you will insert name of the device.One you are done with the inputs,you are not yet done you will still see anther system prompt with another option and this where you will choose to make the drive as a default storage.

So we are almost there and all you need to do right now is to set it as a default storage because of the higher capacity.Once you do that all the Xbox One will then continue to install apps in drive that moment.Also Note that the internal drive will be there and you can still make use of the drive for installation and if you want to use it you can make changes through the settings.

The Drive storage will then format after you select Format Storage device an i explain above.Just with for the device to be format and after you can now go through settings to manage the internal and external drive.So that how to create additional memory space to the Xbox One using external drive.

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