6 Ways To Improve Battery Life on Galaxy S8

Links once published a post about how to stop Android Oreo Battery draining,so now,that post taught us how set advance manage our Android Phone as for Android.Following so many report that most of the Galaxy S8 users keep complaining of.Following the same issue about Battery Draining,i will be sharing the simple method on how to improve the Battery Life on Galaxy S8 with simple tips.

As i have said a post about how to stop battery draining i think that's can limit the rate of how your battery life.Below is an other tips for Android Galaxy S8 but can serve applicable to Galaxy S9 and also Note 8.Apply them and see how the battery life is going to life.

Apply Battery Saver Mode

This is one of the most recommendable way of getting your phone more enhance when it comes to Battery life.Any smart device have this and you can also download it in from Google Play store if your Android don't have this.Galaxy S8 with it's inbuilt battery save can give your phone a better experience just once you enables it.Having said that,you can enable the Battery Saver Mode through Settings, Device maintenance then Battery.

galaxy s8 battery saver mond

In S8 you can also see the mid level which will allow to dim the brightness of the screen.Once you apply this you will see the effect of it and how your screen light is going ti like.Mid reduce the brightness and also have extra work to do like lower the screen resolution, limit CPU performance and disable both background network usage and the Always On Display.

In Galaxy S8 battery Saver Mode,you can also work on the parameter,what do i mean here.The parameter is where you will do more of CPU speed limiter and lot more.Battery Saver Mode can help you to extend the battery life of your S8.

Check Unnecessary Apps And Uninstall 

Not even only Galaxy S8 and S8 can pay attention to those apps which you have in your smartphone but most phone do run underground process.If your Smartphone like S8 is suck a dem power please try uninstall those app which you install or those of the you don't make use of.There's many of these apps that run the battery power within some hours at we all expect any phone to stay longer before thinking of reloading power on it.

If you don't normally check this option that means you need to start doing because allowing apps that you don't use can easy drain you battery power.Many Android device users keep making this same mistake but you are doing the same on you new Samsung phone at least try checking on the if you can fine unusual app running in your phone as background process.Now to check them,follow it this way,Settings then Apps and there you will see unusual apps.

Apps That depend on Power

There's a different about Unnecessary apps and Apps that you install in your phone yet they keep demanding for more power.Is there that app that you install in your device or S8 that making the power to easily run down with any expectation.If there is,the take advantage on those apps by Uninstalling them as you did to those apps that you don't make use of.Probably you so much like playing games that looks like Xbox one and PES they can drain your battery specially when you pause them or minimize the current screen that's running while try to open other app.

app power monitor

For you to check if there's any of this apps that mostly drain your battery power,that means you have to switch to Settings, Device maintenance then Battery to see what apps are using notable amounts of juice.Always take note of this and also make sure that the apps are working with percent rate of the battery.

Minimize Running Apps

You know what this truly means to us.At that point you might be dealing with so many of those app like playing winning 11,Resident Evil,Call Of Duty,browsing through the internet,chatting on whatsapp,Facebook,twitter,Instagram and lot is one of those thing that can seriously drop your battery power from %100 to battery low.To avoid a hug rang of power shutdown on your Galaxy S8 you should know how to manage apps install on your device.

Galaxy S8 Brightness Sucking Battery Power

Not only Galaxy 8 brightness do suck the battery anytime the brightness is high. Personally is have run that experiment about how i will manage the brightness of my S8. Actually it to my notice that too much of the screen brightness can drain the battery. In fact you should know that and also know that brightness can cause harm to your eyes if you increase the level.I once published a post about how to make use of Blue Light Filter might also like to read it to know more of brightness.

screen brightness

Samsung is working hard just like Google is working hard to fix Android Oreo problems.Too much of brightness is capable to drain your battery.So to Maximize the power of your battery always reduce the brightness of your S8.

Turn off unused radios

Bluetooth,WiFi,Data Roaming or unusual wireless should be off.You can find this in Settings, Connections, Location then Improve accuracy. By turning off these two switches your phone won't use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth at all unless you have them turned on — the one downside being that it may take marginally longer to locate your phone in the world if your data connection and GPS aren't functioning properly.Share this with the below button if only it helps or skip if it doesn't 

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