My Best idea On How To Install Windows Programs On Chromebook

You hate it that's all i know,well let me just guess that you do just because you try installing Windows  programs on Chromebook but it continue giving a bad responds.Remember that you can't exchange any software in between Windows and Chromebook,yeah that's what most individual thinks.Today Links is about to show you something extra ordinary and not even that but after this post you can be able to run some sh**ts on your Chromebook.Some complains about how to use Windows programs on Chromebook has made me to make use of my time to write this post to those of them in question,meanwhile if you are also in the same line with those of them you will not only get your problem solved but let you show others as well.

Am going to give you some steps an how you can install Windows Programs on Google Chromebook.You don't need to hate Chromebook just because you normally find it difficult to run some Software in it.Just like you when you detest Chrome Browser because of it Auto Play on Video.Although you can learn How To Stop Chrome Browser from Playing Auto Video while browsing as we discussed that on our previous post.Chromebook is a lightweight OS and i see no reason you should ditch it out but the main reason why you HATE Chrome is because running programs then this post is pretty good.So let me start below.

Step One Access The Windows Desktop Remotely

Getting your Windows programs run on your Chromebook is easy and the only thing is that you don't know how to do that.So the only thing here is that you need to access the Window Desktop Remote from your Chromebook.You might be asking How Can I Access My Window Desktop Remote On Chromebook? but don't worry i will show you.Am going to show you how you can access that from your Chromebook and is only two ways.

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Access Your Own Windows Computer

Do you have a Windows Computer,if yes you can access it remotely and use it to run your Windows software. You can do this using Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop beta webapp. You’ll be able to connect to your Windows desktop from your Chromebook (or any other computer running Chrome) and have complete control over your remote machine, allowing you to work with Windows applications.

Windows Programs On Chromebook

The downside here is that your Windows computer will have to be running at home whenever you need to access it from your Chromebook. It’s a convenient solution for personal use, but businesses won’t want to manage a separate Windows computer for each Chromebook user.
My Best idea On How To Install Windows Programs On Chromebook

Hosting Windows Applications On Remote Server 

Here we bring in Citrix Receiver,Chromebook can use this platform to get ride to Windows Software/Applications presented on a Citrix server and it can also make use of RDP client to enable it get permission to remote desktop hosted on a Windows server.Citrix Receiver is the client component of XenDesktop and XenApp, developed by Citrix Systems and this days we can also use it to do more on windows and other things.

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Step Two Bringing In Developer Mode and Install Wine

If you have use Wine you should know that you can use it to run Programs on Linux and macOS.So if you really want to run Windows Programs in the two Bold operating system i mentioned above you will first install Wine.I also acknowledge that Wine is for Desktop and not for Chromebooke but when it comes to installation of program there's way in for Chromebook.Generally,i think that everyone know that Chromebook still in line with Linux so if that is possible then there's still a solution for us to install Wine In Chromebook.

Now if you are ready to install the Desktop version of Wine in Chromebook,Here we can now enable enable developer mode and install Crouton to get a Linux desktop alongside your Chrome OS system. You can then install Wine on the Linux desktop and use it to install Windows programs just as you’d use Wine on a typical Linux desktop.

The only reason we are install this is to allow us run the standard version of Microsoft Office on a Chromebook.

You Can Still Use Android Wine to run Windows Programs on your Chromebook.But if only your Chromebook can run Android Apps just without you following Crouton method. After the you install the program Wine On your Chromebook,run it so that it will get to a minimal, emulated version of Windows. Keep in mind that this is still very much in beta, so it doesn’t work perfectly. That said, I would recommend at least trying this option before going through the trouble of setting up Crouton if all you plan on doing is using it for Wine.

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Wine isn’t perfect, so it won’t run every Windows application and may not run some applications without manual tweaking. Consult the Wine application database for more information about supported applications and tweaks you may need.

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