Simple Way On How to Eject disk from your PlayStation 4

Is game time! Is Winning time.How long have been searching on how to eject a disk from your PlayStation 4.Is very funny that you bought a PlayStation 4 probably you want to Eject a disk from but don't know how.Links can help you on that just read this post and learn how to eject disk from Play4. A friend bought something like that in fact PlayStation 4 but don't know how to operate it.If at all you have seen PlayStation 4 obviously the buttons on it surface is very tiny and some how confusing to operate specially if you are using it for the first.

Well,if the ignorant of not knowing how to handle PlayStation 4, is certain that i can help you to do that.Just feel relax and let attention be your focus on this post.I also remember the time i was looking for how to download Facebook Game Room which looks hogwash to but after reading Alternative Way to Download and Play Facebook Gameroom Games.As you can see that might be the same issue am about to disuse with you all.

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This post is not only going to impress but if you have been looking for how to do this,then after reading you can also share it across to those in need of it because not everybody might know how to do it (How to Eject disk from your PlayStation 4) .Many tiny buttons are there and if you have not use it before confusion is yours that moment.So let's start below.

Note:If you are truly a gamer in PlayStation 4,telling you that most of the PlayStation has a separate power can be a wasting of time.Although my believe is that not everybody know about this or if you are new to PlayStation you will definitely get confuse.Here are the examples of where the buttons are for each! Be sure to get your reading glasses on, they're pretty small.

PlayStation 4 Pro

Simple Way On How to Eject disk from your PlayStation 4
As for PlayStation 4 which is our main topic of this post,you can see the Power Button Of PlayStation 4 on the left while the Ejecting Button Of PlayStation 4 is on the Right.For the first you bought PlayStation 4,if you can look at it you know there are two button which is the Power and the Eject Button.

PlayStation 4 Slim

As for this PlayStation which is slim,the Power Button and the Ejecting Button of PlayStation 4 Slim the same with PlayStation 4 pro.Just that they looks tiny such that in the night you can use light to see the button if you are not use to it.In fact differentiate Power Button and Ejecting Button of  PlayStation 4 Slim is that the Power Button is Long and square the Ejecting Button is Small and Circular.
how to on PlayStation 4 Slim

PlayStation Standard Model

PlayStation Standard Model has a separate way to power it or if you want to eject it.Just unlike other PlayStation i mentioned above. As for this standard Model the Power and the Ejecting button is separated.To Power it just look top while the eject button is on the bottom.If it helps you remember at all just think of it in order first you turn it on, then you inset or eject the disc!
PlayStation Standard Model

Disc ejection from an in-menu selection

Simple Way On How to Eject disk from your PlayStation 4
You can also eject a disc without ever pushing a physical button!

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  • When the disc is inserted in your PlayStation simply hover over the option to play and select the options button.
  •  A menu will pop up, just select eject and you've got it!
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