How to Stop Auto play in Chrome

Hello,Let just share it in a very brief way on how you can stop Auto playing videos on your Chrome Browser.But before i start this,Chrome is one of the best browse for you to install on your iPhone,Android and even Windows and the rest of them.So if you are not using this browse i think that's a good suggestion you are miss i encourage you to download/install it on your OS.

But sometimes or when we use this Browser called Chrome we mostly face some Auto Play which you or i never wish to see or the only thing you will see is a video of cartoon running from one place to another or a video that shows a news.As for me Links,what my Chrome normally show me is Netflix advert that will just Play itself without me hitting the play on the video.

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All those things can be annoying most specially when you are out off Data and the little one you are reserving Auto Play in Chrome keep sucking them and that will result your Data getting exhausted in any moment.I never detest Chrome but this Auto Play seem an awful feeling that miff my intention when ever i wanted to browse with Chrome.But that doesn't means that the browser is not fast in performing internet services.
How to Stop Auto play in Chrome
So You Will Show Me How To Stop This? .Yes i will Show You in a very simple way to handle Auto Play in Chrome.The only thing you will do is to open Chrome or run it.Now when you Launched/open it past this copy and past this code chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy in the address bar .Now hit enter and something like this will appear on the screen.You can click on the image to zoom.
How to Stop Auto play in Chrome
Press Enter. Once the flags page opens, use the dropdown to choose “Document user activation required” and restart your browser.

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How to Stop Auto play in Chrome
Now after this process just restart your system and Auto Play on video will stop.Share to chrome users.

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