How i Recovered my Lost Photos from Android and iOS

I even thought that all is gone since i mistakenly delete my photo files just yesterday.Honestly it always makes nasty when someone lost a certain files may be photos,videos,Music and all the rest of them. Actually i went extra ordinary on how to get back my photos although it was very bad of me such that i didn't remember to follow one of our post On How To Backup files.However Technology is power and Google Play Store is Sure as well to get some apps for your Android devices likewise iTunes for iOS.

Again i also understand that any time an action is perform on a device Android,Windows and Mac,by deleting necessary and unnecessary file there's still some method on how to get them back safely.In fact why people programmed software or App card Data or file Recovery is because they believes that if a file is deleted you can still get it back with some few steps and tools.That also made me to acknowledge that photo you mistakenly delete can also be retrieved if you want.
 How i Recovered my Lost Photos from Android and iOS
Why i enlist iOS in the heading is because the way you can figure out any deleted file is easy and when it comes on Android Phone a bit stress is needed.But i never feel bad to ditch it out yet continue to look for solution which i found one.This method am about to show you can serve on iPhone and Android also. Also know that there's many ways which you can use to recover your deleted photos and other things just when you are use different apps.Am going to show just a Tip on how i did my so that you can do yours as well.

With Google suggestions on Play Store where is saw this App called DiskDigger with description narrating what it can be use for although some who have used it in recovery photos was also around to use the app so below is how you can run it or make use of the app.DiskDigger App is use for getting your photos back if you lost one by deleting it mistakenly.

To most of the phones that required some permission for application to run example,most devices like Android can't install some Apps until you get the phone rooted.DiskDigger is not that hash so you can still install it without rooting or un-rooting your Android Phone for it to work.get your deleted photos from Mcard or internal storage itself with this APP DiskDigger.Your Galaxy Note 8 Screenshot Photos can be also retrieved with DiskDigger.

Is DiskDigger a Trial Version Software/App 

Well,the app can be run and Premium version and when we talk about the pro Version you can get with $1.67.With the Pro V you can also get other of your files recovered and is only the free version can only give access to get photos but not with other files.

How To Use DiskDigger

Very simple
  • Open the DiskDigger app and tap "Start Basic Photo Scan", the screen will be populated with a list of most recently deleted files. 

  • When you see the photo you want to recover simply select it and hit "Recover..." button at the top.

  •  The app will then ask you where you want to save the photo and after you pick its destination your photo should appear back in your memory card or phone system.
As for iPhone users follow this method

  •  Access your Photos App and go into your albums. 

  • Scroll to the bottom and tap on "Recently Deleted." 

  • In that photo folder, you will find all the photos you have deleted within the last 30 days. To recover you simply have to tap the photo you want and press "Recover." You can also press "Delete" to get rid of that photo permanently.
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