Simple Ways to Backup Computer

Hi What's Up Bro or Bee,we have something new for you and i think it gonna awesome if you make out time to read this post from links.You do have one with you,yeah i mean PC,Private Computer.So if you do this post is one of the post you are encountering,you encountered after reading,the post that gives you a solution about how you can get your files ready out a misdemeanor you might undergo.Although i never wish that for lolz.

Well,i just want to share with you guys how i override my buzzing Computer HP Pavilion 6000 that nearly got my hug files destroyed.This old version of hp Pavilion 6000 wanna mesmerism my Document,Data,Files,Videos,Games Raw Files as for Pes,My Topstars Music,My APK Games,Photos and the rest of them that i called private data belongs.Creepy that's how it gonna sound if all of this listed are vanished but i overcome this by the help of Backup.

how can i backup my files

However,let me share with you all on how to backup your files from computer or on computer which i did during my own issue.Backing a computer is one of the essential method of getting your files saved from virus,Hard drive crashing at any moment,or your private computer stole this will result as a lost of files.There'er many ways you can backup computer files but how do you normally get yours saved from Virus or one or two problems.

Why You Need To Backup

Already,if you have read the above lines you should know why is important for you to make a backup or have a backup drive for yourself.Many reason has shown why you should backup files as we can follow that series of questions and answers why people backup.When Virus attack your computer and if you have no already backup files,you must definitely regret it with all cost.So in a reason,you backup because of Virus affection on your computer or to avoid virus attacking your main files. Alternative you can ready our already made post about How You Can Remove Virus or Malware from Windows,Mac and Linux (Antivirus Software programs).

Another reason why i and you backup probably we want to reinstall our Operating System OS.Even if you want to upgrade to up Windows you need to Backup files to keep your saved files reinstall to the next OS you are about to use.Although not all Os can run the same file or program but you need to have a backup on your Computer at least save Photos,Music Documents and the reset of them.

Most people backup because they want to retain their private and privacy terms as for white collar works and the reset of them. There er so many reason why we backup and because this am going to show you some other ways you can backup your Computer to continue keeping precious for you and others who will also need it in near by future.Below are the methods which i have encountered and see it as one of the best way you take a backup to your Computer or from your Computer to somewhere else.

Try Using External Drive 

External Drive is one of the best way of getting your files save for so long you might expect it.Using External Drive to save and backup your files is cool.In fact i can't forget how i saved about One Terabyte in an External Drive before my first OS got crashed.If backing up with External Drive at least 500 Gigabyte,that's one the good things you're doing to your files you cares about.You should know also that External Drive is something that you need to handle with carefulness.Meanwhile, i can only advise you to have Hard drive from the one you are making use of in your computer.That's why we have External Drive because your intention for it is transferring data into the drive than making it the daily hub of your usage.

Which External Drive is the Best !

Seagate hard drive for windows
If you are looking for the best Hard drive for your backup,don't we gonna tell you or recommend for you one of the best External Drive which you should seek for in backing from your Computer to to this Drive. Seagate Technology PLC is an American data storage company that provide the best Drive for you to use.Actually the brand of External Drive is not only the best but good trust has been figured since this company established their purpose worldwide.Portable,slim and strong.Am not denying other Hard Drives in market today but the fact is that which Drive is going to give you what you are looking for.Segate has been my brand Drive which i have used since 2013 after my Windows 7 disappoint me but this Drive has been good to me till today 2018,Although is get a lot of scratch all over but still in perfect position without tempering with my backed-up files. So check it out for good.

How Can I Backup My Files Online 

Calm down, this not just another way of getting your files,Documents,Music,Videos and other crucial files but is one of the most necessary method to save your files.Online storage is very good method after External Drive.We all know that online Storage can be charging for this storage,please just know that you cares for files.One advantage of this online Storage for files is that you can get access to it also.Again,unlike the External Drive,it can Crash at any time or might even get stolen or lost.But when you save your files Online you need not to worry at least you plan which you choose is still counting for you.Online storage services keep helping for save files either in zip files,Mp3 Files,Mp4 File,WebM Files and other file format you ever wish to save online.I will also mention some online storage where you can backup your files for the main purpose you dream of.Many out there are ready to backup for you let me just suggest some for you to take action in backing-up your files.

Internet Service Backup

As i said,many internet services are ready to backup your files,just like Music lovers,you might think of backing-up some songs for yourself .You can use G-Cloud to do that as a post online has shown us one of the best way and place to backup your Music and the rest of files.However are still going to tell you another online Backup for you files like backblaze.Backblaze is another online backup you can use in the absent of your Computer.It offers two products: B2 Cloud Storage - An object storage service similar to Amazon's S3.
how to backup with Backblaze

Backblaze gives you that opportunity for you to carry all your files over their cloud storage or backup platform.Under their B2 section you can find it more easier to store anything you want as far you sign up with them and pick a plan on how you want to.I recalled as of last year 2017,i stored about 11.GB with them but that doesn't mean 11.G is the maximum limit you can save with them. Backblaze is always there to hold any files you are backing-up with them and you easily access your files at any moment you you can check it out for good.

Alternative about How You Can Backup From Computer

All i mentioned above is how you can backup your computer files to another storage.It will be pretty good also for me to suggest another way which you can get your files backed-up.Following the good news which many people keep telling about Google Drive,Drop Down and also Microsoft Drive.It finally come to my notice that you can also do something good without depending on your Computer Internal drive,External Drive,Making use of Bakblaze. The bold line behind are much good in backing-up but you should also try making Google Drive,Drop Down and also Microsoft Drive alternative way which you can also backup your files or something applicable.As you have one of their account you are save.Even if your Computer crashes,you don't need to worry after you remember that Google Drive,Drop Down and also Microsoft Drive will always synchronize your files on their cloud.Just sign up with them today and start backing-up your files for you to save more.

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Another Option For Backing-up Your Computer 

Rounding up are suggestions on How You Can Backup file either from Computer to online Cloud or from Cloud to External Drive.Please just know that if you are depending on a single backup,it might disappoint you at any time.So we suggest that you should make a multiple backup at least Online storage and External Drive.You do think that Online backup service will cost you some money but that's one of the best way you can backup your files and also retrieve it back anytime you want.So this is how i almost save my files online and offline. share this post to those in need of this simple and excellent method.


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