Solution On How To Remove Apps On Galaxy S8

Samsung continue to rise the highest in the smart Phone elbow. Previously we disuse about this name Samsung,the cheaper Samsung Phones you can get presently in this new year 2018.Having said that there's other Smart Phone device on high acclaim with it features and other special functions which is added up to make more difference the competition brand.So Galaxy S8 been Samsung is one of the high test people are rushing to get.

Galaxy S8 apps

Meanwhile if you already claim this or buy it as a person who is making a lot of prolific in the business this post might also be a good for you just to education you in other dimension of using your New Smart Phone G-S8.You probably don't Know How To Remove Apps On Galaxy S8 here is how and is very simple.But before we start can we just emphasis on this brand new Samsung Galaxy S8.

Galaxy S8 was released with six beautiful colors that we all wish to like.More fact about this Smart phone is that the Dimension and Weight of Galaxy S8 is unique to compare with other phone like iPhone.Although we all think that iPhone is the best OS and the leading device on earth.May be you can argue that after seeing Galaxy S8 Specifications.
Galaxy S8 features
If you already know about this Phone,then lets continue with the topic we about to ditch out.One of the major thing of this post is not only teaching you how to,but to let you know that many apps running on your cell might be the reason why your battery is getting to 0%.You Uninstall apps not because of you want to but we knew it why most people do that is to save the battery energy.

Galaxy S8 can be confusing,it can also make you to wonder how if you are a new comer for smart phone.However,we want to enlighten those in need of this solution so if you know how to do this you can easily switch to our next post about How You Can Download Facebook Gameroom For PC.

A video below can also educate you on how you can Remove apps on your Galaxy S8.Is very simple to do as easy as a ABC.But what if you don't know,this YouTube Video is a better solution on how to do that.We will also show it to you in the theory steps be below is the practical.
Know you have peek on the video above and i guess you have grab some information about it.Is very simple as we said and once you grab it i think you don't need to forget it again.This problem is not a new thing to those Gang stars on using smart phone.Now let give you the theory below.

Removing Apps On Galaxy S8

Note: You can only remove apps which you download online or from any play store,example google play store and the rest of them.Why am saying this is because you might navigate to company apps which is the apps that comes with your Smart Phone.If you try to Remove/uninstall it,it wont because is a pro install from Samsung.

So you only Remove apps from your phone if only you download it from stores or direct installation which you did by yourself.Below is alternative apart from the video above.

  • Press and hold the icon of the app you want to uninstall
  • You can do this on the homescreen, or in the application tray
  • Select Uninstall from the popup
  • Tap OK to confirm and Uninstall the app

removing of apps on android
You can tap the image to view in full screen.

Additionally, you can open the Google Play Store and search or find any app, then hit the big green Uninstall button on the app store. And finally, you can also head to Settings > Apps > Select an app > and tap Uninstall if you’d like a bigger list of apps that are easier to see and read. Go back to the list, scroll down, and tap on any other app and select uninstall to get rid of it.

Again, you can’t delete anything that came pre-installed on your phone. You’ll only see a disable option, or uninstall updates, but sadly you can’t actually delete these apps.That’s it, now you know how to uninstall apps on your Samsung Galaxy S8.

 It wasn’t too bad, right? Before you go, take a peek at these 10 neat things the Galaxy S8 can do, and here’s how to turn off that annoying Edge screen too. Good luck, and drop us a comment below with any questions or concerns.Share this across. Good day. 

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