How to Restore Samsung S7 Back to it Factory

You probably know how to do this but if you don't know how to rest your Samsung S7 to come back to it factory settings,here today we are going to show you the best way to rest,restore,format your Samsung S7. Formatting of Android Phone in this nowadays looks more familiar to most of us.What if you are just new on Android OS,i guess you might be looking for solutions to solve problems on your phone.
How to format Samsung phone
But why are you formatting your Samsung phone,you lost the password,gotten the pattern that you normally draw on the screen interface,you are confuse because you did something that you don't even expect of happening rather it continue to give you some stress which you don't like.Some also get their Android device formatted because they think how to stop Android battery draining is to reset the Phone which is very bad.

Having said that,you you are restoring your Android Phone because of the way it suck your battery life i guess you should read How Stop Oreo Android Battery Draining because a lot of benefit which google suggested is serving better for that issue. Alternatively also,you might be getting your phone restored because you do want to sale it out and you don't want the buy to have your information like Google Gmail Account,personal files like photos,videos or may be your massages as for the ladies.If you are resting your device because you forgot your password this post will not solve that because this just a primary expect on how you can restore Galaxy s7.

What ever is the case lets talk about how to do this on Samsung Galaxy S7 and we showing it to you in a very simplify method to get your problem solved.If you are resetting your phone because of you want to sale it,i suggest you should backup your files before performing this action.But if you are formatting because of some of the related problems then you can continue.

Follow this very simple method to Reset your Samsung S7,please make sure you backup your files up as the case may be.So below is some steps you need to consider before moving on to this tutorial.

Before You Format,Take Note Of This 

  • Backup your Videos,Photos and PDF documents
  • Logout your accounts entirely from Samsung and Google Gmail
  • Slot Out your external SD card from the phone
  • Then move on to reset

How To Erasing Your Samsung S7

After all your backup then the next thing you are going to do is to erase the smartphone with the method we are going to show you.Note that you can also backup your files with Computer Mac or in external hard drive which you have.And also this method we are about to show you is the very simplest way although there's another way to do that which through the advance method.

But we are going straight to the simply tips just from your phone right from the settings.

Just open your Menu and look for settings,Tap on settings and then scroll down to General Management Tap on Reset, then choose Factory Data Reset.

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how to format Samsung phones

After the above instruction you will rest device and then tap on and the all whole thing will be erased.during this moment you Samsung phone ought to reboot and then followed up with the welcoming message because your device is now on factory setup.Again during this process or during the reboot,your phone will enter to recovery mood.Just ignore it and wait for some seconds for it to reboot normal.That's all.if any question you let us know through the comment.Read More........

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