Best Android and iPhone Apps For Business

Technology has taken over everything this days,anybody who really want to boom his/her personal business will involve technology either networking via peer-to-peer method or choose any other way.You will only know the benefit of technology when you apply the process.With Technology in a business,at least you are assure of 80% of making your market area flourish without any despair.Connecting the world with your brand of service worth no misdemeanor but you are gradually uplifting the market platform so that the world will actually get to you and know what you are to offer.

Costumers/Clients, people as a whole wants your help, so you need more tips and enhancement that will give you the basic way of following them all as people who want to patronize you.Always be in that opportunity to make a convey that will boost your business,meanwhile developers are such good also to help people to actualize some dreams by developing that Technic in a bedazzle way,impressing people who has found their effort more valuable to the business. Linkslogs is here to provide for you some ways of getting your business to a new level with technology.

As Google and it play store is concern,we are in that position to list out those apps that will help you in your business just in a synopsis following the apps we about to detail for you.All those apps can be found in Google Play Store and also in iTunes for iPhone users.let's start below.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant keep showing the best and always makes changes to your business.If you're yet to install it in Android,here is what you need to know about it which will enable you to get it faster for your business.This App helps you in business plan and for you to access this app you can directly access this Google Assistant app by tapping on Android menu by long pressing the home button.As for ios people,you should know there's something special so the only thing you will do is to go to your iTunes to install it manually.As we said,this app can also dictate your voice meaning that if you want to open it you can easily say OK Google How Is My Scheduled Today. That's how you can alternatively open it.It allows you to know about your business,about you plan things and you can also send text,make calls and also set reminder for your business.

Google Assistant app for business

Google Assistant can easily know whom you are,your voice is already grabbed and it does within the blink of an eye.Do you want to get your business on your fingertip,Google Assistant is there for you as a business Man/Woman.Take records of your business event and lot more like meeting your customer for a business.This apps has been programmed to help people who are willing to monitor their business,meanwhile it can also track your stock market, Wallstreet Journal Headlines etc just with your voice command which you apply.This not just a way of promoting your business but there're many ways you can do that which am still going to detail it for you all who are into business.To install this App in your Android Device you can look for it in Google Play Store  Store and for 6.0... Android devices you need not to worry because is there in your Phone. As for my iPhone users you can get it in iTunes.

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Google Trips – Travel Planner

Most of the app we are going to mention here are Google Apps.Google has proven to us how you can manage your business with their Apps in Play Store.So Another Google App you required to install in your Android device or iPhone as a business Man/Woman is Google Trips-Travel Planner.Google Trips,that word should be familiar to your hearing.You ought to know what that means and i guess you do.But if you don't know what this App is all about am gonna tell you what useful you can get in it just in a simple way.

Google Trips is an App that you will use to Mange your Business along with the Google Assistant which i explained above.Business is not all about sitting one place while the money find your way.As a businessman who is ready to render service to the publication you need this Google Trips-Travel Planner.Manage and schedule your trip to want make a delivery to one of your customer in the next upper week,this app can help you in remind of your business plan.
list of Google app for business
Your travailing trip might be enjoyable for you if you install this app in your iPhone or Android device.You can use it in booking flight,restaurant in different section.It helps a lot because this days that's one of the essential way many people are getting engaged to their travelling and booking of indoor and outdoor events.The App in question is also use on daily base as you can also use it to plan your activities.You can also use Travel app from Google also has the offline mode which allows you to download specific locations and help you continue your navigation with only the GPS technology.To get it you can look for it in  iTunes and in Google Play Store .

Google Wallet

In the third App we are going to suggest for is this Google Wallet App.Just like Payoneer and  Paypal normally practice peer to peer payment to their clients.That's just an example of this Google Wallet because you can use it to bring in payment and also send out payment in different areas.Just in US you can use it and send money in location of your choice and even the recipient is not making use of the app.

This app comes with to Bank Account details,i mean you can add two account numbers in Google wallet if you want to do so.Is when you are using mobile banking app,during the installation you will be asked to input your back details but Google Wallet will give you two option either your debit card or your Account Number.Alternatively,you also connect it via Computer with gmail.
apps for business
This app is developed for business people and you can use it in many ways.The debt card and account details allows you to transact by transferring money to banks.You need to install it from play store as for google users and for iTunes you can also get it from iTunes to enjoy this business app.Note:The new version is out and if you are still making use of the lower version gently login to Play store or iTunes to get the upgraded one.There's limit that is allow for transferring money at least maximum $10,000.Install from  Google Play Store  (Android) while ios from iTunes.

Google My Maps

Google My Maps is good for your navigator.Not only it helps someone to generate a custom map for yourself but you still some other this that involved location.Google Maps and Google My Maps shares the same data. My Google Maps gives you a way by which you create your own google maps.You can also create signs and routs you can also use it while on trips.As you can see, all this apps are good for business and if you are in a vast business you need all this apps to build your business brand.This Google Maps although the Google My Maps supports sharing, it doesn’t give route directions to the use.
iPhone google my map app
In you business you need this for direct on while on trip or in an area which you have not being before.Street direction,get you a place where you are looking for.However,as google play continue to update their Play Store,this App has been updated with a newer version that will gives you more user interface unlike the previous version.It also come with Pining Location accurate measuring and other features you will see after installing it on your phone.You can get it in Google Play Store  and for iPhone you need to get it in iTunes.

Google My Business

This is another app for business people,even if you can handle other apps this Google My Business is going to help you to mange your business just in a simple ways you always wish.The name will as well show you that this app is for business people with any questions.Is very simple as we said and you use it for your Businesses even for Organization.Both for online business,you can still use Google My Business to deal with also allows you to do somethings like uploading personal data for your business and valuable things which your business is presenting for.With this app,you can gets costumers who are willing to patronize your business.
how to use google business app

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When it comes to location,this app can help you manage at least multiple location you might like to run with on the same interface.You can also invite others to maintain your listing.Install Google  My Business from Android Play Store and also from iTunes.


Sometimes when you are talking about business,Adwords is one of the things you needed to bring into the business plan.With the Google Adwaords you can at least know the related ads  from Android and iPhone.It allows you to meet the costumer test.Get the right people you are looking for with Google Adwords and Google itself continue to look forward to build this App more stronger for people to benefit from it unlike the way they experienced it in the past time.Google Adwords is for the exciting Adwards users so if you are new need to sign up with your gmail account just for the first use.
how to use google Adwords

If you are reading this right from the heading,you should see blue link add with different suggestions,that's Google Adwords. There's many Adwords you can use like youtube video ads and also graphic display ads.Install this app from Play Store and from iTunes.

So the above listed is Android and iPhone apps that will help you to grow your business.feel free to share this and also let us know what you think.

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