Simple Tip On How To Stop Oreo Battery Draining

How You Can Stop Android Battery Draining
Hello Oreo Users,lets face this problem which keep igniting everybody's mind either by making you feel awful or it makes you detest your smart device which you purchase about few months ago,just guess.As you face this problem, is extremely bad because it gives no joy about how your Oreo Android keep consuming your battery life.The the first day you bought something like Oreo Android,your might mindset might be you gonna suck the phone by enjoying a lot features.But at point you realize the hogwash with the Phone,seeing how it consume battery life unexpectedly.

Well,am not the only one saying am sorry about how you feels on your Oreo Phone.Although am not the cause but we need to blame some areas that gave out this device with considering basic functionalities that needed to be handled in most cases,lol.

However,there's still more ways which you can stop this battery draining on your Oreo Android.In this post am going to show you the best tips which google itself has given out solution on how we can handle this problem,thanks to them for that.But let me be more perfect on what on going to detail below following the solution and what made you to read this post,especially.

If i should recall the time we enjoy that version of Oreo Android with best version of 8.0,actually i do enjoy this on one condition.Having said that,people still render out complaint about Oreo 8.0 before the current version surface.It hurt when my friends about six,yeah six of them complain about this problem in Topic.Meanwhile it has given me a clue on what to discuss with you guys on a single reputation.

Still thanking google for encountering this problem as well,so they also gave out the best way on how to stop the Oreo Battery Drainage as for now.They think this is the best way to do it as after they released the new Version of OREO below is how they taught us so you need to learn as well to enable you fix yours.

This New Version of Oreo 8.1 comes with great features,enabling the user to make up and down check.In fact,as for battery problem in Oreo, more enhancement has been given out to stop this buzz.What am trying to impact is that Oreo 8.1 is cool with new functions on how to stop your the draining of your battery.The function that is acting as solution shown below.

Tips To Follow On Battery Draining on Oreo 8.1

Go to Settings > Battery. Under ‘App usage since full charge‘ section, you can actively see the screen on time. We can either disable or remove the application from this menu by going to its details.
How to improve your battery life on Android phone
On the depicting image,it shows how you can turn off the active apps that run on background which you are not using on the screen face yet they are active.Note: Running background apps is one of the things that get the phone battery to be easily consumed.You should know that all this apps running on background are energy consumer for devices even on PC.If your Personal Computer is not plugged in socked for charge and you are running many programs it will definitely reduce the battery percent unlike when you sleep it off.

Your Oreo Android should be on this tip to give you what you ever deserve on your 8.1 Android.

Tips On How To  Stop Oreo Battery Draining,Bluetooth,WiFi And More

What causes your battery to get quick exhausted are gave a specific option above but you to apply more tips to get your Android 8.1 steaming.Even the time we are using Nokia phones,i mean the time when Android is yet to exit,keeping Bluetooth on will kill your battery.In that case,if Android Oreo is on complain by users,the best way for you is to turn off any wireless network that is not in use.Image below has explain how you can turn off Bluetooth,WiFi on Oreo Android.
turning of Bluetooth and WiFi battery on android
So dear,the only thing that's gong to harm your Android battery percent is when you are not noticing all this above.Remember that Android is a kind of device that search for WiFi.If your setup on your Android is set to search for WiFi anything it consume your Android Phone.Do it a favor by turning it off.For example,when your device is set to update automatically where there's a WiFi network,is to update but always monitor it when done.Again make sure that you don't set it to update with data.I mean when your data is on.All this is applicable to Android Oreo in question.Gentle turn off this connections by following Quick Settings or the WIFI Configuration Settings.

Furthermore,a post online has made me to acknowledge that poor cellular/signal.Reason is that when your data is on and not having the sufficient power to work,it will continue to fight to reach the task it always seek for.In this terms,you need to turn all your data connection when not in use. Developers or Android Oreo itself has come with great function that will handle this nasty by turning it off automatically when this occur.

How Do You Set Your Background Process Limit On Your Android

Another Mistake i see is when you don't care to ask why your battery is getting drain just like that.Although not everybody care but if never cares you need to start after you read this post off.How do you set your Background Process Limit on your Android.All Android Phone come with this feature and is alternative way of getting your battery to be more conserve for you.Android Oreo has this inbuilt function that enables it take corrections of the default setup.see below.
Simple Tip On How To Stop Oreo Battery Drainage
Always carry out this ways of turning of your Background Process Limit.There's a lot of opportunities for you to do that by yourself.Again,once you apply this method,i mean when you turn off the Background Pros off,it indicate itself to Oreo about action you want. Meanwhile it will also go extra mill to work desperately.Some times i do see some pop up ads on my Android and i will be wondering why and how come about that.After i do some necessary research,i then realize that id because of those apps running background process.Apple this and enjoy your Android Oreo.

Oreo Battery Saver Mode

A little mistake you made on Android can be the reason your battery is draining at that moment which you never expect.All Android Phone has this Better Saver Mode and why this function is built in is because to enable you conserve your Battery Energy.You might notice a warning massage from your Android smart Phone when your battery is getting.This is the time the Power saver Mode comes in.It will tell you to switch to Power saver and if you still want the phone to retain power you can easily switch to the Power Mode.
Android Oreo Battery Saver
Android Oreo 8.1 has this feature as others did,so if you want to save more power for your Android device you can make sure you observe the Battery Saver if either is working perfectly.What if your own is not work,there's still alternative you to fix your Battery draining.Is either you download the Battery Power Saver to give your device a better function and you can fine it on google play store for you to install it.

Turn Off Ambient Display

Another way you can improve Android Oreo Battery is by turning this feature off.To get best experience when using Android Oreo,you are recommended to apple this by keep it off specially to those of you who are using OLED display as they can entirely turn off the unused pixels.Once you do it you see it working for you in the best once happened to me but a post online has taught me a lesson which am sharing with you guys.If you want to turn this feature (Ambient Display) off,follow it this way.Settings > Battery. Now Turn off Ambient display/ Always On display

App Cache Is Also What Cause Your Battery To Drain

Even on PC it can happen to wanna experience a better usage with Android Battery Power,i think there's no secret here but you are need to carry this out by clearing your Apps Cache/Ram.How long have you been using an App on your device and probably you are yet to do sometime better by checking on your app cache. Always clear your app cache for your device to have a better process by given you what exactly you want.If you can watch those newly welcome Android,their storage has a limit and because of the policy which google has given out.So any time the cache is filled up it will automatically wipe off for a better performance.

Talking about Oreo Clearing of Cache,it has a different case because the normal method we use before is more the way is being done now.Recall on the old version of Android you can easily clear your Cache via storage settings and this for Android there's nothing like that again.Automatic work is always carried out by Oreo seeing clearing the Cache Automatically.However you can still take action on apps which you can handle just by following this form,Settings > Storage. Tap on Other apps and tap on the app you want to clear cache for.

Oreo Brightness Can Harm Your Bettery

In all Android Phone,iOS,PC and more,all of this devices has that brightness and how you can control them.If you are still making that mistaking by increasing the brightness of your phone just for you to see all things on display,you are already killing the battery.In fact high contrast can harm your eye which you know as well.Having said that,the alternative way to retain your battery life is by reducing the brightness specially during the night.The more your display light shine that's also how your battery will continue to drain at moment.So make sure that all functions are step down so to keep the battery power to a level you want.

Avoid Some Apps On Your Oreo Android 

May be you like installing that apps that gives you a reason why you are using that Android.Am not against that but bro you need to know that most heavy apps can be the reason your battering on 5% Waring. Avoid apps that you are not mostly like to run and make sure you uninstall them to save your battery energy.If you don't know how to uninstall those apps,a post about how to uninstall apps on Galaxy S8 can also teach you how to do that.Use light that can be use and not by installing heavy apps with Gigabit and many of them.It also came to my notice that all those app are also the ones running Background Process without letting you know because they deserve it.

Only Install Light Browsers

Light Browsers are those browsers that you can install and they also give you a full features to control them.For example of light browsers are Opera Mini new version,Google Chrome,Firefox UCweb Browser and others.they gives you the functions to manage your device specially Opera Mini.So try as much you can to apply all the listed method on how you can Stop Oreo Batter Draining.

Conclusion Of Everything On How To Stop Oreo Battery Drainage 

Have you followed all this processes just for you to get ride of your Android Oreo 8.1 Battery Draining.There's no other fault causing this but from the OS.According to google the above mentioned is the best way to handle this particular problem and they have taken chance to provide help to users who keep complaining about this miff.Google still working hard to give out satisfaction to Android Oreo Users.So if you are still encountering this,the advice is that you should wait for more solution from Google.Do help help to share this to Android Users to help them all. Read More ...... 

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