Easiest Way on How To Screenshot on Galaxy Note 8

All brand of smartphone do improve a certain features to keep users happy and by also bring their product to the next level,showing how advance they have gone into technology business. Tecno,Samsung iPhone and the rest of them have a method on how to take Screenshot on their smart device.There might be a separate way on how you can take a screen shot in Galaxy S4,S5 and others but Galaxy Note 8 seem giving us a separate method on how to do that.If you have been looking for a way to Screenshot on Galaxy Note,today you will known how to do that.just some moment lets show you how.

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First Method: Screenshot With Side Keys 

We all know that most of the Android phone normal use this method of screenshot by pressing and holding some keys through the side corner.So as for Galaxy Note 8 we can still apply same method by hold both the power button and volume down button for two seconds.But the first thing you are gong to do is to open the interface which you want to screenshot either on a browser,or photo in fact any thing you want to screenshot you should get it ready in your phone and Hold Power Button+Volume Down Key at the same time and wait for some seconds like 2.At that point you will see a flash from the screen shown it has been done.Now navigate to the Top drop down through you notification bar and you will see the screenshot or you can check it through your gallery.
The above method is generally known and you can still use it for Note 8 on Samsung.

Easiest Way on How To Screenshot on Galaxy Note 8

Second Method: With Palm Wipe 

Another way which you can still screenshot on Galaxy Note 8 is through Palm Wipe.This method is amazing but you have to check it out.As usual,just get the content which you want to screenshot,having done that,just place your Palm Vertical along the left or right edge of your Note 8, and swipe in from that edge with your hand touching the screen.Remember that the Palm Wipe will only work if you have enable the setting.To do this,just go to Settings >>Advanced features to enable "Palm swipe to capture."

Third Method:Scroll Capture

Some good features are there on Galaxy S8 Note.if you still want more method of capturing with screenshot,another option is there for.During your Palm Wipe or after you screenshot with your palm,a suggestion will also pop showing you another method which you can use to screenshot on your Galaxy Note 8.This option will appear at bottom egage of your Note 8 device indicating another method which is  Scroll Capture.

 This "scroll capture" button makes the phone scroll through the content shown on your screen and take multiple screenshots, which are automatically stitched together into one long screen showing everything together. This is particularly useful for capturing a full webpage, a set of directions or a long restaurant menu online.

Just tap "scroll capture" as many times as you want, and as soon as you're done you can share, edit or save the screenshot just like any other.

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Fourth Method:S Pen and Screen Write

In a brief explanation on how you can do the new screenshot with your S Pen.For you to do that with S Pen,follow this method below.

  • Open the content you wish to take a screenshot of.

  •  Take out the S Pen to launch Air Command, tap on Screen Write. 

  • The screen will flash and capture a single screenshot.

  •  You're now instantly taken to an editing pane, where you can write on the screen with the S Pen. 

  • In the top toolbar, you'll see options to change the color of your pen, enable an eraser and undo/redo your strokes. 

  • When finished, tap Crop, Share or Save to complete your work.
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